Occupational Safety

THE NEW ENGLAND LABORERS’ HEALTH & SAFETY FUND (NELHSF) understands that the health and safety of workers is crucial in the success, productivity, and future of our union members, employers and signatory contractors. Today, the New England Laborers’ Health & Safety Fund is an industry leader in pushing the development, enactment, and monitoring of safety and health programs that advance and protect the livelihood of union members throughout the New England Region. In order to protect union members and their families.​

New England Laborers Health & Safety

•   Identifies, collects and studies information about the health and safety risks associated with the construction industry. 

•   Develops programs to prevent or minimize disease, injury and premature death 

•   Improves the flow of information and communication among LIUNA, its New England District Councils, locals and signatory employers concerning health and safety matters.

The New England Laborers’ Health & Safety Fund not only promotes, protects and ensures the safety of our union members and their families, on and off the job, but continues to be at the forefront of advancing health and safety within the construction industry as a whole.


NELHSF is governed by a board of Labor and Management Trustees that embodies the partnerships necessary to get the job done in today’s construction market. The Trustees bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that has proven invaluable in steering NELHSF’s operations in a way that provides joint benefits for the New England Region of LIUNA, its members, and signatory contractors. 

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