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About Us

Safety Laborers

THE NEW ENGLAND LABORERS’ HEALTH & SAFETY FUND (NELHSF) understands that the health and safety of workers is crucial in the success, productivity, and future of our union members, employers and signatory contractors. Today, the New England Laborers’ Health & Safety Fund is an industry leader in pushing the development, enactment, and monitoring of safety and health programs that advance and protect the livelihood of union members throughout the New England Region. In order to protect union members and their families.​

New England Laborers Health & Safety

•   Identifies, collects and studies information about the health and safety risks associated with the construction industry. 

•   Develops programs to prevent or minimize disease, injury and premature death 

•   Improves the flow of information and communication among LIUNA, its New England District Councils, locals and signatory employers concerning health and safety matters.

The New England Laborers’ Health & Safety Fund not only promotes, protects and ensures the safety of our union members and their families, on and off the job, but continues to be at the forefront of advancing health and safety within the construction industry as a whole.


NELHSF is governed by a board of Labor and Management Trustees that embodies the partnerships necessary to get the job done in today’s construction market. The Trustees bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that has proven invaluable in steering NELHSF’s operations in a way that provides joint benefits for the New England Region of LIUNA, its members, and signatory contractors. 


Donato A. Bianco, Jr., Chairman
LIUNA Vice President & New England Regional Manager

Joseph C. Bonfiglio

M&NNELDC Business Manager

Michael F. Sabitoni

LIUNA General Secretary-Treasurer

Christopher A. Sabitoni

LIUNA New England Assistant 

Regional Manager

Keith R. Brothers

CLDC Business Manager

Joseph A. Vitullo, Jr.
LIUNA Local Union 271
Business Manager


David F. Rampone, Secretary

Hart Engineering Corporation President

Rodney G. Frias

S&F Concrete Contractors, Inc.
Chief Operating Officer

Thomas S. Gunning
BTEA Boston & Eastern MA 
Executive Director

Donald J. Shubert
Connecticut Construction Industries Association President

Jack Harney
DW White Construction Inc.

Michael D. D’ Ambra

D’Ambra Construction Company, Inc, President


The New England Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund is located at 410 South Main Street, Providence, Rhode Island. The Fund’s staff is comprised of the following personnel:

Raymond C. Coia, 



John J. Anatone, 

LIUNA Tri-Fund Field Coordinator


John D. Caprio, 

Field Health & Safety Specialist


Gary S. Garafano, 

Field Health & Safety Specialist



Derek S. Ruiz, 

Medical Program Director


Sherri L. Santo, 

Executive Assistant


David P. Scorpio, 

Accounting Manager


Joseph R. Torti, 

Health & Safety Strategic Coordinator


Jane C. Viscolosi, 

Health & Safety Professional



Since its inception, we recognized that the health and safety of LIUNA members would be a necessary component to address within our relationship as labor and management partners. A safe work environment and a healthy work force affect every aspect of our industry. Bringing together research, science, and industry expertise to create solutions that work for our mutual growth has reaped many benefits over the years. 


The value of our New England Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund’s (NELHSF) work has directly translated into a more productive and competitive workforce. This in turn assists our contractors to have a competitive edge as they grow their business. Our Fund has helped lower injury rates; increase awareness of safety issues on the jobsite and provided a resource for contractors with our innovative programs designed to assist in maintaining a safe workplace and a healthy workforce.


By promoting a healthy lifestyle for Laborers, identifying safety risks particular to our craft, accessing cutting edge research, developing educational programs and improving the flow of information from jobsite to the highest levels of the industry, the NELHSF has engaged all stakeholders in understanding the critical mission of continual advancement in health and safety.


In addition to working within our industry, the NELHSF has played an important role in educating the public about the importance of safety on the job, wherever that job may take us. This is particularly important when the work zone is a highway or abuts an area of public access. Educating the public is also important when we assist our sister funds with information they need to help enact laws that promote proper regulation and safe work environments.